Sunday, March 13, 2011

Green Day

Man, it's amazing to leave a day's work and see palm trees swaying outside. But forget that beauty, what's going on inside the Natural Products Expo is even more gorgeous. Our very first appointment was an interview with fashion bible WWD. I really enjoyed talking about the significant difference that clean and safe body care can make for our youngest citizens, and highlighting the positive differences in our new Green Babies line: no parabens, no sulphates, no petroleum by products, YES certified organic botanicals, YES 50% post consumer recycled packaging, YES mom-friendly bottle shape, YES big bubbles, YES retail price points far below any other great clean lines in the marketplace.

A plethora of goodness followed with retailers and old friends in the industry visiting to welcome our newest addition. The day wrapped up with an interview of me by one of my greatest heroes, Peggy from Mothering Magazine, an amazing force for good and a powerful advocate for children, it was a great great day and a Green day. I hope yours was wonderful, too!


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